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Strange to shut the weather out...

To live with closed windows, to turn the fruits of summer in my hands and cut them apart, while the wind whips my primroses outside, and I remain unblown.  I have been so used to breezes and sounds and light and warmth, sometimes too much warmth, that I am not ready, now, to shut the house.  I wear everything to keep a window cracked.  I venture forth by bike, warming to the motion, even though I am not allowed to ride it uphill.  I ride it halfway home and await the bus there, panting needlessly.

I suppose this is the advantage of a more temperate clime, to breathe it in and out and in and out of your house the whole year round.  I have always lived with seasons.  I have four pumpkins on my table, and a love affair with snow.

usage note

Someone this year, a GOOD editor, someone I respect!, was puzzled by a usage like the following:

In her 1955 novel, The Long Tomorrow, Brackett writes...

To be able to refer to a novel published in 1955 as a 1955 novel has always struck me as simple, elegant, useful.  I do it a lot!  Is it not okay?  I thought it was common!

It did occur to me that it's very common in horse-speak, as in:

Better Than Honour's 2004 foal, Rags to Riches, won the Belmont Stakes. 

We adjective sire's names, too, as in:

Her 2006 Giant's Causeway colt, Man of Iron, won the Breeder's Cup Marathon.

Is this why I'm running around writing things like, "A 1955 Brackett novel..." ?
But that's not it!  It's normal, right?

Aug. 4th, 2010

Farmshare: picked up  & put away
Dog: vaccinated, examined, taken (online) shopping for probiotics
Day: Time to get to work

Jan. 9th, 2010


This photo just won the Eclipse Award for photography this year.  What really astonishes me is that, apparently, in the seconds after this photo was taken, the rider fell (duh) but the horse did not!  She lost consciousness briefly, but was okay afterwards.  

But seriously... how did that horse get its forelegs back under it?  Maybe they're further from the ground here than they look?


You all got more snow than us, didn't you?

But I cut whole paragraphs!

But I added others!
So it's still 9 pages! 
... their response is so kindly, I'm almost tempted to believe that it's a warm form rejection instead of just a form rejection.  Do they tell everyone that "While the piece had obvious merit..."  ?


I am such a dork that I built a catch-and-release fruitfly trap.

They weren't all successfully released, though. 

And anyway, who gets fruitflies in late October / early November?  We'd had none all summer!

Oct. 16th, 2009

Caboo is barking in his sleep.  Maybe he's dreaming about the deer we chased through the sandy scrub on our morning run.

El Prado

Rachel Alexandra's grandsire, El Prado, died yesterday in his pasture of an apparent heart attack.  He was 20, and in what I presume is a relatively recent photo, he looks a grand and happy fellow.

If the way Rachel's half-sisters have been doing in the yearling sales is any indication, we shouldn't lack for El Prado's influence, through his son Medaglia d'Oro, any time soon. 

What I mean to say is, thanks for giving us Rachel. 

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